• Whiffloves - Library Sample Kit

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    Scent Kit - Perfect for testing - playing and increasing your Creativity..  This kit contains 8 fragrance samples, this is a wax formula for easy storage, no mess and simple shipping.

    Excellent For - Client Samples - Think Tank Tools - start smelling some new ideas.. SPECIAL OFFER..If you order a larger size of any of the oils we will CREDIT you the Whiffloves Kit 100%

    Your Design Kit includes 8 X wax samples of each of the Whiffloves Collection to enjoy.  Great tool to evaluate and choose what scent will work in your design.  

    Scents are similar to colour and sound, they translate the same vibration. Aromas can make us feel happy, sad, uplifted, relaxed.  Similar to music, scent can make a space feel smaller or larger. 

    We have the right to refuse the sale of this product if we feel the scents will be used for duplication or by our competitor, your order will gladly be refunded.